What Others Are Saying

You know, the lines between giver and receiver often get blurred. Think about it: you give the gift and the recipient usually says… “Thanks!” The gratitude is its own gift, so the cycle repeats and we all have a big group hug. Yet the whole process begins with one, universal characteristic…

We all seek approvallike bad children at times – hoping our closest friends and clients halfway care, halfway understand, and fully accept us as we are. And that’s okay with us. Heck, we’re just glad to have friends and clients!

Which is why we want to share what others are already saying about our Holiday Cards, and how they helped them keep customers, boost credibility and image, and generate some nice leads during a rather slow time of the year.


Check out what others have said…

“Here's a quick note about one of your products. I had never used your "Holiday Cards" until last December. We have sent cards in the past… Just not yours. We always get a certain amount of response, but this year was a little different. The response that I really noticed was from customers that we hadn't heard from for 2-3 years! Guess I'm stuck with buying yours from now on… Thanks… Ron.”

Ron Kilgore
All Right Heating & Cooling, LLC

“This will be our third year using Hudson Ink’s Holiday cards and we receive positive comments from our clients.  We also use Hudson Ink’s newsletters and send those out twice a year.  Our clients tell us that they really look forward to receiving them.  My wife was out shopping just the other day and the person behind the counter asked if she was related to anyone at our company and she said she was my wife. This person was one of our clients and started to tell my wife how much she enjoyed receiving the newsletter and appreciated the information that was in them.  Both are great products. Thank you to everyone at Hudson Ink.”

Keith R. Rork
Rork Plumbing & Piping Service


“All of the happy people at Hudson, Ink made getting our holiday cards an easy and enjoyable experience.”

Jared Murray
Spring Air, Inc


“We were very pleased with our holiday card order and ordering process! It was very convenient to be able to just call in the additional card order and have it handled so efficiently.  Thank you! I’m sure we’ll be back again next Christmas.”

Eagle Air Conditioning Service


“The wording of your cards perfectly suite our needs and was certainly the best choice. Thank you!”

All-Temp Refrigeration


“It took little to no time or effort on my part!  All I had to do was spend 15 minutes of my time to choose a card and send the list.  That ranks a “10” on my list.”

Alan Ward
Baggett Heating & Cooling, Inc



“I really liked the unique cards and since I waited until the last moment to order, I appreciate the speedy service. We were able to get the cards out with minimal work on our end. Thanks again!”

Mid-America Mechanical


“I never expect too much from holiday cards since I know that they’re supposed to be Image pieces. But this year’s card proved to be a money-maker as well!. I was at a job, when a lady came out of her house from a few doors down clutching our card. Turns out our previous customers had moved, but the card said “or current resident” – and she wanted to know if she could use the $20 coupon for service. You can bet your bottom dollar I'm not turning down a new customer, which is exactly what we got – and from a little holiday card!  Thanks for everything.”


Bill Fox
William C. Fox Heating & Air


“We got rave reviews from our Hudson, Ink Holiday Card – customers continually thanked us for the sincere, heartfelt message.  You definitely know how to say it best – thanks for everything!

Angela Stelly
Filter Solution, Morgan City, LA



“This is the first year that I got holiday cards from Hudson, Ink and I had a great response from them; in fact, it was better than any holiday card I have ever sent!  Thanks.”

Marc Morales
"Dynamic Air


“We had a great experience with Hudson, Ink for our Christmas cards. You guys had a great selection and made it hard to make a choice. The ones we did choose turned out great. Not only did we gain some additional work, we also got calls just because our customers liked the card so much!  Once again my hat was off to you guys – another "positive contact” with our customers!”


Mark Onuffer, General Manager
Berico Fuels Inc.
Greensboro, NC