Hottest Holiday Marketing for Contractors



It’s enough to drive you crazy. People like me (plus many real experts!) are always telling you “Stay in touch with your customers to build the relationship.” Virtually everyone in business knows this but only the most successful ones do anything about it. (I think I know why.) But “what” exactly are you supposed to do?

The sad news is that while many contractors are “thinking about” it, they’re losing customers to competitors who are steadily building an “iron cage” of retention, loyalty and referrals. Each lost customer represents thousands in lost sales, and hundreds more you must spend to replace them. Crazy isn’t it?

Especially when it can be solved for pennies.

You see, there’s a solution that’s only available to you during the holidays. A completely unique “mood” is on the public’s mind during this time of year – and most contractors miss it.

Oh sure, attempts are made as you’ll see below, but costly mistakes are more common.

First thing is, do not attempt ANY ‘sale mail’ between December 10 and January 12. Historically, these have been monumental losers for contractors unless lots of people in your market like to give water heaters or furnaces as presents! (They’re so hard to wrap!) Contractors waste a lot of money and lose credibility trying this, so the smart ones head toward – -

Holiday Cards are a great idea. They give your customers another “touch” during the year (a good thing) putting your name right in front of them, often for weeks! They should reflect the “mood” I mentioned, but many don’t. Why is this important? It’s like offering air conditioning when everyone’s hot or sump pumps during rainy season. It’s already on their mind!

Your 4 Choices to Get this Done…

1. Create them “in house”. What to say? How to say it? Who designs it? How much to pay for set-up, layout, graphics, multi-color printing? Oh, and WHEN are you going to get around to it? The expense and time is crazy, that’s why so many of you feel you must choose from…
2. Use the “Off the Shelf” Variety. You know, the cheesy “same old same old” cards that have been in catalogs or in stores for years. Maybe it’s not such a good idea to spend money to “differentiate” yourself with cards that do anything but.
3. Amateur Looking “Cartoony” Cards for Contractors. Let’s be honest – What do you think homeowners feel about seeing a cartoon of Santa fixing a toilet? Or a Service Van as a sleigh? Is it clever… or just kind of dated and corny? If you say “Clever”, then you can quit reading right now and go back to whatever you were doing because the rest of this will not apply to you.
4. Unique “Contractor Only” Ones – Isn’t this the point? You want to remind them of your service and thanks. You want to use a unique, high-appeal message that boosts your image and recognition… all in one step.


So I went looking for cards. Hard. And mostly, I came away disappointed. That’s why we created these. You will not see 87 dozen to pick from. Only a few, highly unique cards to make your selection quick, easy, and effective.

We add a few new styles every year. Please know that EVERY SINGLE YEAR we run out of the most popular ones WAY before the holidays. This year, our orders are running about 30% or so higher than last year. (Are people getting nicer?)

Honestly, I attribute the popularity this year with a Holiday Season when there is much to be thankful about, plus so much to reflect upon. Economic uncertainty, more concern over the value of family, and the general mood of gratitude.

It all fits perfectly to send a warm message to a very deserving group: Your customers.

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Thanks for growing your business, and for thanking customers for not going to the competition. Your customers thank you too. Promise.